An Overview:

Kommander comes with two main components: Kommander-Editor & Kommander-Executor. Kommander-Editor is a very simple GUI application that help developers develop their own simple application for Linux. The application built in it are very light-weight. This software comes bundled in the OpenSuSE 10.2 release as far as I have checked. The Kommander-Editor very easy to understand widgets. A full application can be built at mere mouse clicks. Experience the looks of the software with this thumbnail.


Kommander Editor


To start with: You would require Kommander Editor & Kommander Executor. The executor is required for debugging purposes & executes the application file you build.

To Download Kommander click on the link below.

Open a terminal & type kmdr-editor to start the editor.

pdd88dmwks:/home/Linux # kmdr-editor&

An example of all the widgets can be seen at the link

The Kommander user manual can provide a lot of help for beginners to start using this utility


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